Scripting Center

Here is collection of example scripts for connecting/modifying AD or managing Windows machines:


PowerShell Training:

The Scriptomatic fine family of products:

  • Scriptomatic 2.0 – This gui shows you how to write VBScript, Perl, Python, or JScript to interface with the Windows Management Interface. It generates snippets of code based off of options in the menus, and then you can string them together to do more complicated tasks.
  • PowerShell Scriptomatic – Same as the above, but for PowerShell.
  • ADSI Scriptomatic – Currently vbscript only, but easily convertible to powershell, this is for the Active Directory Scripting Interface (ADSI) rather than the Windows Management Interface (WMI) used by the previous two.
  • HTA Helpomatic – HTA’s are standalone HTML applications (think a simplified little launcher with a handful of buttons pointing to different scripts).