SCCM Console

The SCCM Console is accessible only from on campus (not wireless or resnet) and only to members of the NCSU-Departmental OU Admins group.

How do I get access to the SCCM Console?

  1. Install the SCCM Console from here:
    \\\files\sccm\Microsoft-SCCM Console-v<version #>\ConsoleSetup\ConsoleSetup.exe
  2. Enter: OIT200SCCM-SS.OIT.NCSU.EDU for the Site Server
  3. Install the Configuration Manager Toolkit from here (optional):
    \\\files\sccm\Microsoft-SCCM Console-v<version #>\ConfigMgrTools.msi
    Note that you should only install the client portion of the toolkit!
  4. Install the SCCM Right Click Tools now called Recast from Now Micro from here:
    \\\files\sccm\Microsoft-SCCM Console-v<version #>\Right-Click-Tools\Recast_RCT_Latest.msi
    Right Click Tools currently require the Powershell Execution Policy to be set to RemoteSigned in order to function as it generates a Powershell script on the fly as part of its execution.
  5. If you skipped installing the Configuration Manager Toolkit, Get a copy of cmtrace (replacement for trace32):
    \\\files\sccm\Microsoft-SCCM Console-v<version #>\cmtrace.exe
  6. SCCM Client Center has been updated for SCCM.  It is installable from as a ClickOnce package.  This will ensure that you get the latest version available each time you launch the application.