Governance Overview

The two AD Governance committees provide direction for the AD Domain and report to the University IT Committee:

Please visit their respective pages for details on their charter, activities, and memberships.

Operational Groups

There are a number of people critical to the success of the WolfTech Active Directory domain. While many provide encouragement, support, and assistance when asked by the community, the following service groups have agreed to provide support for specific key sections of the domain.

Domain Administration

The heart of the domain, the domain controllers allow authentication and authorization services to all computers, groups, and users. The domain administrators are responsible for all upkeep of these critical servers. The central file servers include the DFS root servers and the primary application package servers.
Domain Administrators: Derek Ballard (ddballar), Billy Beaudoin (wrbeaudo), Matt Pollard (mlpollar)

SCCM Service Teams

The SCCM Service Teams are responsible for the core SCCM service, Windows Deployment Services (WDS), Windows Software Update Services (WSUS), and NCSU-level application packaging standards.