Planned Changes

WolfChow Rebuild
IDM for non-unity accounts (FGPP, auto-disable, UID/GID)

  • 2012 Enterprise Client Security Policy
  • 2012 OS Upgrades (DC’s, DFS, AD-CS, Cron, SCCM)
  • Virtual DC

Campus Integration

  • Assist MyPack move to Affiliates AD and Trust
  • Kerberos Cross-Realm
  • Macintosh Schema changes for Kerberos configs

SCCM Upgrade (Current Build)

  • SCCM Health Check immediately post-upgrade
  • Integrate WSUS -> SCCM
  • SCCM Data dump from MSSQL->MySQL for reporting
  • Integrate WDS -> SCCM


  • Move Legacy Crons from Perl/PHP to Powershell
  • DRAC
  • LDAP Paging >15,000 objects
  • ADWS
  • Cron to Delete computers in the Unassigned OU older than 6 months
  • Cron to move computers from the Computer container to the Unassigned OU

Direct Access