Scripting Tools



Copying an updated license file to a list of computers:

psexec @ansoft.txt -u wolftech\bpcarty.admin -p mypassword -ch ansoft.bat
* @ansoft.txt tells it to run program on the computers listed in the txt file
* -u and -p self-explanatory I hope
* -c copies program to computer to run it
* -h for Vista/7 machines, runs with the elevated permissions of the user
The .bat file copies the file from my machine to the correct path on the target machine.  I tried to get it to copy it from the Celerra but wasn’t working.  I wasn’t using the -u and -p flags when I was trying that though.  I just had a cmd prompt open as my .admin, which may not have been enough.


Used to translate SIDs into something you can recognize.