Dell Jigsaw Web Services and Powershell

Dell provides a web services interface to access warranty information that is known as “Jigsaw”.  Luckily, there are people out there on the web who have similar needs to us.  The following scripts will help us get the information we need:

get-serials.ps1 – This script will walk a specific AD path, remotely connect to all of the machines, and create an array of all of the computernames and service tags.

[powershell] .\get-serials.ps1 -ADSPath “LDAP://OU=workstations,DC=company,DC=com”

DellWebsiteFunctions.ps1 – This script has a number of functions including a “Get-DellWarranty”.

[powershell] Get-DellWarranty IDKFA

Take the output from one, and pipe it into the other and viola! you have a report on all of the warranty statuses for all of your machines.