Setting Windows Deployment Registry Data

A Powershell script has been written to assist in writing out the information collected by SCCM for reporting the deployment data on Windows clients.

The pre-signed script can be downloaded here, and is meant to be called from a script or SCCM task sequence.  Usage of the script is as follows:

powershell.exe .\setRegistryData.ps1 -imageName [name] -imageDate [date] -imageOUPrefix [OU] -imageVersion [number]


[name] is the name of your image.  Do not include your OU prefix, but remember to surround this with single quotes if it is more than one word!  Example: “2012 Fall Win7 x64 Lab Image”

[date] is the date that the image was created, specified in the format YYYYMMDD.  Example: 20120421

[OU] is the OU prefix that your image is affiliated with.  Examples: COEDEAN, CNR, CHASS, CVM, etc.

[number] is the version or revision number of this image, starting at version 1.  Revisions or new versions should increment this number each time the image is built.