SCCM Service Teams

SCCM Core Services

This team is responsible for the core SCCM service, including general service questions, troubleshooting for the SCCM client application, the permissions model and reporting. This team assess SCCM system upgrades and works cooperatively to implement them. It provides documentation and training regarding core SCCM issues.

Application Packaging

The application packaging team establishes standards for application packaging, packages and tests common applications, troubleshoots application delivery issues and answers questions about application packaging. It provides documentation and training regarding application packaging.


The imaging team is responsible for image maintenance for base images used to install Windows. It develops base images, makes images available, and provides documentation and training regarding image creation and maintenance. The team also maintains drivers that are used with the base images. The imaging group does not create custom departmental images, but will make custom images that others have created available for use.

Service teams, service owner and service manager

  • Service owner: Abraham Jacob
  • Service manager: Derek Ballard
  • SCCM Core Services
    • Team members: Rob Blanke (OIT), Matt Pollard (OIT), Gene Morse (OIT), Nilam Tailor (OIT), Danielle Sink (OIT), Jonn Perry (OIT), Billy Beaudoin (Textiles)
    • Team lead: Matt Pollard (OIT)
  • Application Packaging
    • Team members: Samson Teshome (OIT), Ryan Hoekstra (ITECS), Tom Farwig (OIT), Brian Carty (ECE), Billy Beaudoin (OIT).
    • Team lead: Derek Ballard (OIT)
  • Imaging
    • Team members: Gene Morse (OIT), Tom Farwig (OIT), Rob Blanke (OIT), Nilam Tailor (OIT), Chris Bettini (CVM)
    • Team lead: Gene Morse (OIT)