Installation Cleaners

Crap Cleaner is freely available through CNET here:
It does registry cleanup, cookies, and software uninstall, etc.
MSICUU2.msi is (was) a Microsoft tool MSI CleanUp Utility 2.  It’s main purpose was to remove programs that refused to be removed via add/remove programs, or that left remnants behind. I think it was created for Microsoft office installations, and was often suggested as a solution to many Office issues, but it was just as handy if not more so for other badly behaved software.
Microsoft has since removed it from circulation since apparently it doesn’t work properly with Office2010, or some such nonsense. Since we haven’t even rolled out 2010, and I wouldn’t use it to adjust 2010, I still have a copy I use when all else fails.
WMI Issues
If you notice a computer not processing group policy and gpresult issues the following:
C:\Users\srleap>gpresult  /R
ERROR: Not found
think WMI repository corruption!  I knew things were really off when I opened the computer properties and RAM and Processor information was listed as ‘not available’.  Also, the event logs indicated that the computer was having trouble evaluating WMI filters.
The solution in this article (remove/reset the local WMI repository) corrected the problem: