Groups Naming Conventions

Active Directory requires that all groups have unique names. This is achieved by including the acronym of the department, college, or university that the group belongs to. The table below outlines the naming conventions that should be used for different types of groups on the WOLFTECH domain.

Computer/User Groups

  • Format
    • <DEPT>-<NAME>
    • <DEPT>-<SUBOU>.<TYPE>
  • Examples
    • ECE-ACS Users
    • ECE-Teaching Labs.Desktops
  • Notes
    • All groups within your OU should begin with <DEPT>-.

Software Groups

  • Format
  • TYPE can be one of:
    • SW – Licensed Software
    • FW – Freeware
    • EX – Experimental Software (not fully tested/in production, may be promoted to SW or FW once testing is complete, depending on the licensing)
    • DN – Deny Group (used to override software assignments, this group would co-exist with the SW, FW, or EX group)
  • Notes
    • Dash after Version is only included if optional flags are present.
    • Optional flag for Self Service:  “SS”  (Used only with SCCM based software installs)
    • Optional flag for package revision:  “r<REVISIONNUMBER>”, ie “r2”.  This is a revision code used to distinguish between different installs of the same software and same version, where a naming conflict may occur.
    • If both a package revision and SS are present, SS should be first.
  • Examples
    • ECE-SW-Microsoft-Office-2003-r2  (Licensed Software, Revision 2)
    • ECE-SW-Microsoft-Office-2003-SSr2 (Licensed Software, Self Service, Revision 2)
    • ECE-SW-Microsoft-Office-2007 (Licensed Software)
    • ECE-SW-Microsoft-Office-2007-SS (Licensed Software, Self Service)
    • ECE-FW-Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.2-r2 (Freeware, Revision 2)
    • ECE-FW-Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.2-SSr2 (Freeware, Self Service, Revision 2)
    • ECE-FW-Mozilla-Firefox-3.6.3 (Freeware)
    • ECE-FW-Mozilla-Firefox-3.6.3-SS (Freeware, Self Service)
    • ECE-EX-Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.2-r3 (Experimental Software, Revision 3)
    • ECE-EX-Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.2-SSr3 (Experimental Software, Self Service, Revision 3)
    • ECE-EX-Mozilla-Firefox-3.6.12 (Experimental Software)
    • ECE-EX-Mozilla-Firefox-3.6.12-SS (Experimental Software, Self Service)
    • ECE-DN-Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.2-r2 (Deny Group, Revision 2)
    • ECE-DN-Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.2-SSr2 (Deny Group, Self Service, Revision 2)
    • ECE-DN-Mozilla-Firefox-3.6.3 (Deny Group)
    • ECE-DN-Mozilla-Firefox-3.6.3-SS (Deny Group, Self Service)

For more information about software distribution, see Software Distribution.