NCSUComputer PowerShell Module

This PowerShell module allows Administrators to query an individual computer, a list of computers, or a group (an Active Directory Group) for various attributes on demand. It requires the Active Directory module for Windows PowerShell.  The cmdlets in the NCSUComputer module include:

  • Get-NCSUComputerAV
  • Get-NCSUComputerEventLog
  • Get-NCSUComputerLocalGroupMembership
  • Get-NCSUComputerLogicalDisk
  • Get-NCSUComputerOS
  • Get-NCSUComputerSystem
  • Get-NCSUComputerUSB
  • Get-NCSUComputerUserAccount
  • Show-NCSUComputerAVInfo
  • Show-NCSUComputerDiskSpace
  • Show-NCSUComputerLastReboot
  • Show-NCSUComputerLocalGroupMembership
  • Show-NCSUComputerLogonHistory
  • Show-NCSUComputerManufacturerModel
  • Show-NCSUComputerOSInfo
  • Show-NCSUComputerUSBDevice
  • Show-NCSUComputerUser

Each of the ‘Show-NCSU…’ cmdlets use one or more of the ‘Get-NCSU…’ cmdlets to obtain the attributes that are displayed.

All of the ‘Show-NCSU…’ cmdlets display the collected information in a format similar to the example above. Use the ‘Get-NCSU..’ cmdlets to retrieve object data that can be passed on to the pipeline for further processing.

The cmdlets include a ‘-ClassicRemoting’ (uses WMI cmdlets built-in remoting which typically requires the remote registry service and WMI firewall exceptions) switch for environments where PowerShell Remoting is not enabled.