What Software Is Available?

The WOLFTECH domain was designed to ease, automate, and monitor the distribution of software to computers. We have an extensive list of software that has been packaged and configured for distribution via the domain, and new packages are being added every day.

Available Packages

The following software products are packaged and available for automatic distribution over the network. To request that software be installed on your computer, please contact your departmental IT Support. Once the software package has been assigned to your computer, you can simply reboot and the software will be installed during Windows bootup.

Please note that many software packages have additional license restrictions not listed in the table and that not all NCSU software has been packaged for distribution on the domain. If you don’t see the software you need, be sure to contact your local IT support as they may be able to install that software manually for you.


  • The date listed is the creation date of the package, not the release of the software.
  • Type can be “EX” for Experimental (untested) packages; “FW” for Freeware; or “SW” for Software or Licensed applications.
  • Scope refers to the level at which a package has been made available within in the NCSU hierarchy. Packages released at the NCSU level are available for assignment to all NC State computers (though licensing restrictions may apply). Packages released at a College level are available within that college and its departments. Software with the scope of a single department will only be available to computers within that department.
  • The data that feeds this report is updated every hour on the half-hour.

For more information about the Software Packages that currently exist on the WolfTech Active Directory, OU admins can visit the “Software” section of AD Toolkit