WolfTech Managed Groups (WTMG) is a projection of the Guarddog tool. Guarddog uses data from Peoplesoft HR, Financials and SIS as well as feeds of Moodle and ldap.ncsu.edu data to build a tree structure of the university primarily based on OUC’s.  It also allows for the creation of custom groups and the mounting of those groups under the various nodes representing Colleges, Departments, Courses, Staff/Faculty position classifications, degree programs, and so forth based on the data available. Note that for Courses, it only has nodes for the current semester.  Mounting information for non-current courses is still there, but not able to be accessed while they remain non-current. To get access for to Guarddog for your OUC, send email to wolftech-webmaster@ncsu.edu

WTMG is a front end to the ECE Guarddog group system that creates the GD groups in AD to be used for access control to labs, network shares, and other systems that auth to AD, like Mediasite.  You can also specify expiration dates if there are groups that should go away at the end of projects or semesters.

Access to WTMG is granted by direct membership in the <Root OU>-OU Admins or <Root OU>-ADToolKit_WTMG group in your OU in AD.

WTMG groups are in the WolfTech\NCSU\Managed Groups OU. By default normal user accounts cannot even see the groups within the OU. NCSU-Departmental OU Admins (System Administrators) and the NCSU-Read Group Memberships (for service accounts) groups are allowed Read permissions.