OU Admin Required Reports

There are 4 reports that are inflicted upon all OU Admins:

Computers with Last Login more than 1 Year
 The computer password change interval was changed from 30 days to 180 days, which means if a machine has not talked to the domain in more that 1 year, then the computer account trust relationship is broken and the machine needs to be addressed,  Either it is broken or it is gone.
Report Name: Computer Date Information
Last Login: Within The Last 365 Days
Run Interval: Biweekly

User Account Password Older than 2 Years
Purpose: The longest of the Fine Grained Password Policies max password length interval is 2 years. So if a user account has a password older than 2 years old, it is expired and the password either needs to be changed or the account should be removed.
Report Name:
Users Outside Person Tree
Password Last Set: Within The Last 730 Days
Run Interval: Biweekly

Remaining Windows XP Clients
Purpose: Stop running XP.
Report Name:
Computer Date Information
OS: Windows XP%
Run Interval: Weekly

DNS Errors
DNS is a foundational technology and accuracy of that information is expected to be accurate (as it would be if we were running AD integrated DNS) or you will have kerberos and certificate issues among others.
Report Name: DNS Errors
Days: Records Within The Past 1 Days
Ignore Blank Hostname Field: Yes
Run Interval: Daily