Setting up a Discover Image

This document outlines how to manually create a discover image. An automated wizard may be easier and can be accessed by right-clicking a boot image within the WDS management console and selecting “Create discover image”. Additionally, more documentation is available at Creating Bootable Discover CDs

  1. Follow the instructions to mount the image
  2. Open Notepad using elevated/Administrator privileges and enter in these two lines of information:
  1. [LaunchApps]
  2. %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sources\setup.exe,”/wds /wdsdiscover /WdsServer:<DNSNameOfWDSServer>”
  • Save this file as “windows\system32\winpeshl.ini” in the image’s mounted directory.
  • Unmount and save the WIM image.
  • Deploy the resulting WIM using your preferred method – such as copying it to the OIT PXE servers for deployment through PXE-all, or burning it to a bootable CD for use in computers that cannot PXE boot.