February Windows Patches

Microsoft Security PatchesMicrosoft has released new patches to its Windows operating systems today. In accordance with the WolfTech Active Directory update policy, these updates will be approved for installation on domain computers Thursday morning, February the 10th.

These updates will likely require a reboot to complete their installation. Users should consult with their unit’s IT personnel to determine at what time during the day their computers will reboot as each department may have scheduled this differently.

Users with personal computers on the network are requested to patch their computers this afternoon; we encourage everyone to patch their home computers tonight as well. Remaining fully patched is critical to the protection and health of your computer.

For details on the updates, see: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/current.aspx

For more info on the WolfTech WindowsUpdate policy, refer to the WSUS section here:http://www.wolftech.ncsu.edu/support/support/Active_Directory/Service_Groups