Wolftech Default Domain Security Policies for 2008/2008r2

On January 31st, 2011, at 2pm WolfTech Domain Admins will implement new Default Domain security AD policies for the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008r2 operating systems consistent with baselines put out by Microsoft. This change was announced on 12/3/2010 on the activedirectory@lists.ncsu.edu mailing list.

It is highly recommended that server administrators test the policies prior to this date. In order to make it easier for people to test and really know EXACTLY what settings will be effecting their servers, there is an “opt-in” group that will apply the policies ahead of time. If you look in your Software Packages\NCSU Software OU, you will find a group named:

<DEPT>-EX-NCSU-2008 2008r2 Security Policies-1.0

This group is used for security filtering for these GPO’s linked in at the root of the domain:

WolfTech Default Domain Policy – WS08R2 (beta)


WolfTech Default Domain Policy – WS08 (beta)

WS08 EC Member Server Baseline Policy

This is a similar change as was done in August, 2010 for XP, Vista, and 2003:http://sysnews.ncsu.edu/news/4c615f0e

Please direct any questions via the activedirectory@lists.ncsu.edu mailing list or the activedirectory@jabber.eos.ncsu.edu chat room.